Hi friends. I'm Natalie, and I'm super excited to share my "big why" with you. That is, why the hell do I do what do? Of all the things to take on, why this big messy one? Well, keep reading.

I am sharing my expertise in confident leadership, strategy and communication with you so you can build the life and career of your dreams.

On your terms.

Your future is your responsibility.

"Put your head down, work hard, and your results will speak for themselves". Have you heard that before? I bet you have. Maybe you've even thought that yourself. Please believe me when I tell you, that does not work for women

Playing the part of modest, hard worker does not equate to promotions and raises for women. It results in our employers, and even those in our personal lives, giving us more responsibility and setting higher expectations for lesser recognition.

You may prove to yourself that you are more capable than others, but you are playing a losing game.

This shit does not work; it's harmful to you, personally and professionally.

Start living your life through brave communication and confident leadership, and you become the woman you deserve to be. You will become a better wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, best betch, boss bitch. Whoever it is you want to become, you will be a better version of it with great personal leadership skills. It will make your personal and professional relationships stronger.


With great communication and leadership skills, your potential is limitless.

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Gain confidence to take on the world. 

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About All This...

Through confident, inspired action, we have the power to reset the game.

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Normalizing women in personal and professional positions of power, in the minds of men and women, is my mission.

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Coaching you is how I honor my calling.

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"Damn! Natalie Micale blew my mind with the leadership communications class!"
- Lisa Z.

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"This was so good! Thank you!"  - Sonya C.