The Mission

Normalize Women in Power




Because we believe the world will be a better place when more women are in positions of personal and professional leadership.


Natalie Micale helps women expand their lives and careers by teaching them the skills needed to advance into positions of power through the development of confidence, leadership presence, habits and communication skills.


We are all capable of changing the world when we take bold action, stay curious and engaged, and demonstrate consistency in our practices. The promise of what strong, ambitious women can offer this world is always worth fighting for.


Using her 15+ years of experience in professional healthcare leadership and wellness counseling, along with an advanced business degree in Management, Strategy and Leadership, Natalie helps women discover and develop the presence, skills and habits needed to build the lives and careers of their dreams.

Gain confidence. Communicate with leadership. Change the world.

Be in power. 

Woman in Red

Natalie Micale is a passionate advocate for women and their ability to change the world through confident leadership and communication skills.